Thursday, March 16, 2006

My kids think they don't eat lentils...

For dinner tonight I made, ahem, pumpkin and coconut curry in the slow cooker. The "before" picture was taken at 11 am: pumpkin, onion, a little curry paste, vegetable stock cube, and (don't tell the midgets!) red and brown lentils. By 6 pm it had cooked down to an unappealing brown sludge, which was nonetheless delicious, especially after adding a 185 mL can of coconut milk. And the kids liked it and are none the wiser. I served it with half brown, half white rice and steamed broccoli and beans. The adults added lime pickle to the mildly spiced curry.

For dessert Thomas got to choose among my canned fruit selections as we are all out of fresh produce.

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Faux Couture said...

OMG! I was just thinking of making pumkin soup today to go with the black beans that I'm now cooking.

I think we have a psychic connection going on -!-

Lol, at the canned fruit, I'm also out of fruit! We only have a few over-ripe brown bananas and I'm too lazy to go to the store today!

So after school, I'm going to make the kids banana shakes with some frozen strawberries for their fruit for the day ;-D

We are like your family, we also eat so much freakin' fruit! I love the canned fruit idea, very convenient. When I do my Friday grocery shop tomorrow I'll get some canned pears and peaches.

I hope you still have time to food blog after March 21st!!