Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday dinner

A champagne and Dijon mustard sauce sounds a little fancy for Thursday night... but what's a girl to do with flat leftover champagne? I substituted it for the white wine in my standby chicken dish (baked in a sauce of stock, wine, garlic, lemon, mustard and tomatoes). Served with roast potatoes and blanched snow peas and baby broccoli. The delectable skinny broccoli was grown in cousin Rachel's garden.


Faux Couture said...

I really like the plate picture's nice to see all of the foods next to eachother ..very nice.

One thing your blog has made me think about is the fact that my kids could benefit from a more varied diet -- for example, i just don't think they would eat chicken with a mustard sauce :-/

It's GREAT that your kids are used to so many different flavors:-D

kentuckymama said...

I am curious, now that you have made it with champagne would you be inclined to do so again? I mean did it change the taste of the dish much? It looks like a divine dish!

Ozegrrl said...

Um well I'd probably make it with champagne again just because that would mean I'd have an excuse to open a bottle of champagne!! :) Actually I couldn't tell any difference between champagne and the white wine I usually use.

It's funny, faux couture, your blog has inspired me to make more simple food! haha. Because sometimes I get too ambitious with dinner and spend too much time cooking (I realize after I've started) and I look at your blog and think, all I really need to do is some rice and vegies sometimes. And even your vegies are simpler: it's lovely to have just one vegetable stir-fried sometimes instead of a collection, it makes you concentrate on the flavor of just one.

My kids are relatively adventurous with food. I think the key is having family meals where everyone eats the same thing. I've always ensured there's at least one simple thing (rice, corn) that they like at each meal, so that if they don't like anything else, they can eat a whole bunch of that one thing (I don't allow them to choose anything else but what's on the table, but they have to try a little of everything; if they don't like it they don't have to eat any more of it). I've really noticed this last year that they both have become less fussy. For a long time they didn't like a mixture of things (like soup or stew with lots of ingredients) but that obsession is waning a bit now too. Mind you, T still puts each dish in a separate mound on his plate and eats each mound completely before moving on the next ! haha.

kentuckymama said...

Me too ozegrrl...we have the exact same mealtime rules at our house. I find I tend to make more ambitious meals on the weekends and simpler {atleast easier to assemble} ones during the week. Of course, DH is a rather good cook and gets in on the meal prep more during the weekends. I really enjoyed cooking much more before I had 3 "younguns" ;oP I definitely look for dishes that require less prep time, less pots/pans, less ingredients, less chopping, less clean up, etc. :oP